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Why Is Mosquito Control in Rockford, Crystal Lake, and Janesville Important?

Illinois and Wisconsin, residents can rejoice throughout the summer, knowing that Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville is on the job. Mosquito Joe helps keep local outdoor areas free from annoying and harmful mosquitoes with its mosquito control in Rockford, IL, and Janesville, WI.

Mosquitoes can cause both discomfort and severe health risks. Their bites create itchy red welts, while their ability to spread several diseases poses a severe threat.

Mosquitoes can transmit illnesses such as Zika, West Nile virus, and malaria, posing a particular risk to those outdoors. In addition, mosquitoes are known carriers of heartworm parasites that can be dangerous for dogs and cats. But have no fear! Our mosquito spraying in Rockford and Crystal Lake, IL, and our other services can help protect your home year-round! If you live in Boone, Walworth, Dane, or the surrounding areas, know we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Utilizing Mosquito Spraying Services in Rockford and Crystal Lake, IL

Our customers love our mosquito spraying in Crystal Lake, IL, and Janesville,WI  for a good reason. Nothing eliminates homeowner worries like Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville. We take a no-nonsense approach to mosquito control and offer many benefits with our services. Our customers can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced itchy bites: Having an itchy welt on your arm or leg isn’t pleasant. And, if you’re visiting a park, beach, or outdoor area around the Illinois area of Rockford or Crystal Lake it can take away from the relaxing atmosphere. With our mosquito spraying in Rockford, Crystal Lake, as well as Janesville, WI, you and your family are less likely to be bitten by pesky pests.
  • Long-lasting prevention: You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes constantly bothering you or your family again. You can enjoy summer protection with Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville. We provide mosquito control in Rockford and Crystal Lake, IL, that can last for weeks and be repeated whenever needed.
  • Peace of mind: With the help of Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville, you can feel relaxed knowing that you and your family are safe from mosquitoes. Our trained exterminators make sure that your outdoor areas are protected and buzz-free.
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How Can Mosquito Joe Help with Mosquito Control in Rockford, Crystal Lake, and Janesville, WI?

With help from our mosquito exterminators in Rockford-Crystal Lake, IL, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. At

Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville, we can help you take back your yard or outdoor space with our range of services. We offer:

  • Mosquito Control: Our mosquito control in Rockford, IL and Janesville, WI, helps eliminate all cycles of mosquitoes, from larvae to adults. Our team uses various techniques and treatments to kill mosquitoes in standing water, your herbs, gardens, and surrounding areas.
  • Natural Treatment: Eco-friendly lovers, we offer natural pest control in Crystal Lake, IL, and Janesville, WI, for those interested in natural mosquito treatments. This approach uses natural essential oils and garlic to rid your yard of mosquitoes.
  • Tick Control: Don’t worry about those pesky ticks this summer. At Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville, our tick control service covers the entire yard, from the perimeter to all your outdoor spaces. We can help you reduce the risk of tick-borne illnesses and protect yourself and your family.

Why Choose Mosquito Joe to Be Your Mosquito Exterminators in Rockford-Crystal Lake, IL?

You deserve only the best highly-qualified mosquito exterminators in Rockford and Janesville. Rest assured, our team at Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville is trained and certified to handle your mosquito and tick control needs. Our team understands the importance of low-risk pest management and is part of the EPA’s PESP Partnership. We also offer our Done Right Promise™, which ensures your mosquito services are done right the first time. If not, call us, and we’ll return within 14 days to redo it for free.

Call Mosquito Joe for Excellent Service

Experience the Mosquito Joe difference in Rockford and Crystal Lake, IL as well as, Janesville, WI. We offer reliable and effective mosquito control services that take your outdoor spaces from buzzy to blissful. Our highly trained professionals ensure you have the best experience possible and are here to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 815-315-9692 or request a quote online today.

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe Mosquito Joe of Rockford-Crystal Lake & Janesville serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 815-315-9692 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


We've been using them for a few years now. Treatment is effective and the staff is polite and respectful. They always let us know they're here so we can let the dog out for a potty break (instead of just showing up and starting to spray).


I would recommend to anyone! I used to HATE being outside in the summer. Letting the kiddos outside to play at any point in the day was terrible because the mosquitoes were so bad. This is now our 4th year using Mosquito Joe and I will definitely continue to use them. They have seriously changed our summer!!!!!


No mosquitos at all!!


Friendly and professional technicians.


This is our 6th year using Mosquitoes Joe and we will not be without!


Customer service is outstanding; second spray this week & so far no mosquitoes! Last year the mosquitoes were so bad I had to legitimately run to my car. Now the pups & I are outside 90% of the time!

Maggie Mae

We’ve been using Mosquito Joe for 4 years now. They spray about once a month unless I tell them otherwise which is as simple as a phone call. They’re efficient and always spray when they say they are. It only takes them about 10 minutes to spray our 1/2 acre and they take instructions well ( don’t spray garden or fruit trees). It doesn’t kill bugs off property but definitely makes enjoying the yard more enjoyable throughout summer months. I recommend them!„